Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

The Manhattan of the Gulf

Situated 300 metres off the northeast coast of Abu Dhabi, the natural island of Al Reem is a sprawling commercial and residential development in progress. Spread across 6.5 million square meters, the island is estimated to accommodate 180,000 residents and will be complete with full amenities including 5-star hotels, boutique retail complexes, luxury spas, exclusive beach resorts, and landmark retail and leisure complexes.

A strategic perimeter road network, including numerous dedicated bridges to downtown Abu Dhabi and a connection direct to the main Dubai Highway across nearby Saadiyat Island will facilitate the ease of access and exit to and from Al Reem Island. Abu Dhabi
International Airport is also only 20 minutes away from the Island by road.

Al Reem Island is the largest of the 3 current investment zones available for foreigners and its close proximity to the existing business district makes it an attractive investment opportunity for international investors.